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June 30 2023 - Lifesaving Society extends Swim Transition deadline

June 30, 2023 is the new deadline for Red Cross-certified individuals who wish to transition to Lifesaving
Society certifications through the special pathways (due to expire December 31, 2022) established for this
purpose. This extension applies only to individuals, not aquatic facilities.

While thousands of instructors, lifeguards and trainers have already made the transition, the Lifesaving
Society is keeping the pathways open to facilitate the transition for those who have yet to complete the
process and to maximize the numbers of certified instructors available to provide swim lessons across

The Lifesaving Society encourages people not to delay: you cannot teach the Society’s Swim for Life
program if you are not certified as a Swim for Life Instructor.

For Red Cross Water Safety Instructors who seek Lifesaving Society certification as a Swim for Life
Instructor, the Society’s Swim Transition Instructor Clinic will remain live at through
June 30, 2023. As of January 1, the cost increases to $50.00 (includes the Swim for Life Award Guide).

Visit your Lifesaving Society Branch website for a description of the special transition pathways and any
fees that may be applicable as of January 2023.